Herren Pekari Handschuhe

Wear Smooth Leather Peccary Gloves on your Custom Bike
Exclusively tanned for us in Peru, this peccary leather is smooth, washable, firm, supple and very durable. Peccary is the world’s rarest and most luxurious gloving leather. Gloves made with it are hard to find, due to the rarity and exclusivity of the leather. Peccary gloves feel like pampering the skin, so soft.
Peccary is the most expensive and hard to find kind of leather we use to make these hand-crafted gloves, taking up to 8 hours to hand stitch a single pair. 
Because of its outstanding grip these fine gloves are perfect for driving your classic car or fly an airplane. 
Dress up with daytime overcoats or dress down with jackets,always chic!