1% discount on the whole collection elegant leather gloves

1% discount on the whole collection elegant leather gloves
Just kidding!

We don't offer any discounts.
If you are waiting for this, then it could take a long time..

Our gloves are not just for anybody.
Ines' gloves are for the "happy few" that really really want this.
And then I don't mean the rich, no only for the real enthusiast who understands.
Its about other things than money.

In fact we don't want to sell a lot of gloves also, because they are made from animals.
Years ago we got a reaction on a Facebook post about elegant gloves.
Somebody commented: "Selling dead animals is not elegant!!!"

I think its not that simple, but it made us think.
Do we want to make vegan leather gloves?
We have been sourcing and studying leather alternatives already for years, but at the moment the characteristics of vegan leather are still not complying to our standards. 

We don't have a lot of gloves in stock, do small production runs and no seasonal collections.
Because of the unparalled qualities of this natural material, we should show, and act out of, respect.

Ines' is not only about gloves.
Elegance is about respect, understanding and decency.
The essence lies in the personality, style and flair of every individual.

If you want to keep on wearing leather, only buy the ultimate you can find crafted by the best glovers in the world.
Its a special thing that needs to be taken care off and not taken for granted.

My mission as the son of Ines is keeping her legacy alive.
Its a wonderful feeling that now she is not here anymore I can still send her gloves all around the world.
Literally sending out her name and message.

Its about the experience becoming yourself.
And the feeling that we can make the world a little more elegant, together.

Dont be a grey mouse or a dull sheep.
Dress up when you go out to a restaurant or the theatre, or just for a stroll on the boulevard.
Or at home in bed.
Thats up to you.

Like Ines said:
"Always, always wear gloves."

Bob, son of Ines

Dedicated to keep on bringing you the most elegant leather gloves.

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(Drawing by Philip Hopman)
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