Because of its natural origin, glove leather is unmatched due to its unique properties and because the world is changing, sustainability is of the utmost importance.

We can see indications that the market for leather and leather gloves is changing. Less people are wearing leather gloves, as an enthusiast or fashion statement.

Youngsters are aware of the fact that the leather industry (like the meat industry) is very polluting. And there are new strict regulations coming up.
We predict that in the EU in ten years virgin and natural leather will be (almost) banned.. And new alternatives like vegan leather and less polluting cultured skins are being developed very fast now.

Because the (very tiny) market for thin leather gloves is getting smaller, its becoming more and more difficult to find this kind of leather and craftsmanship and to produce them..

We at Ines are ahead of the game and already working on solutions, undergoing the transition towards a more sustainable brand, so we can keep on wearing leather gloves.

But we can never be 100% sustainable. Especially as a small brand that reliant on different others in the chain. The most important strategy to contribute is to sell way less leather gloves.

The journey of the glove
If we want to continue enjoying our favorite accessories, we need to respect and honour the life of the animal and the journey of the glove.
No compromises on any aspect, from the leather, its sourcing, the craftsmanship up to you the connoisseur wearing your gloves with pride.

Producing, buying and wearing gloves made from natural leather will become more and more exclusive. Not many companies will survive selling 'cheap' leather gloves. We must pay the price that it deserves.

Your contribution
By purchasing from Ines you contribute to the preservation of the art of traditional leather glove making, which is unfortunately disappearing.
It is hard to find young people who want to learn the craft and its skills.

And it is becoming increasingly difficult to source and process the ultimate glove leather as the market changes and continues to shrink so companies and brands look for cheaper alternatives.

Leather should not be produced in bulk
Our commitment to small production runs, will allow us to maintain and preserve the tradition of superior leather glove making.

The list of clientele
This is why we decided to keep a small list of clientele, and first craft our gloves exclusively for them, our members the real enthusiasts, the connoisseurs.

Our values to the animal, the world, to nature and you

  • Handmade with exceptional craftsmanship and traditional knowledge
  • Ethically sourced and produced
  • Natural leather, by-product of food industry or subsistence hunting 
  • Classic elegance with a modern twist
  • Small production runs, no waste
  • No seasonal collections
  • Available in extra large sizes for every person and shape
  • Be you!

Touched by elegance