The first time

How to put on long leather gloves

Wearing thin unlined leather gloves for the first time will take a few moments of patience and care.

Put your gloves on finger by finger, gently stretching and crunching your hand.
Don't worry if they feel a little tight.
The leather will slowly warm up and take the shape of your hand..
And after a few moments of patience they will fit like a second skin.
The most elegant result.

Ines' gloves are crafted using thin and soft leather for a haute couture fit.

The leather and stitching are very strong, but also delicate when new.

So give them some love, they will love you too.

Taking your leather gloves off and storing them

Gently pull each finger one at a time and firmly hold them as you slide your hand out.
It's important not to stress the fingers or the leather too much.

Softly stretch your gloves lengthwise and store them one above the other away from direct sunlight.

Enjoy your new Ines' gloves.