Ines' tips for softer hands

Ines' tips for softer hands

I have heard from at least 2 generations of women before me (my grandmother and my mother) that your hands will always tell your true age.
Regardless of the money spent on rejuvenation products and makeup tricks, there are several important rules to follow in order to take care of your hands.

Wearing gloves is perhaps one of the most important ways to keep your hands soft and looking their best.

Gloves simply become mandatory during the winter!
As soon as summer ends and autumn rolls in, I will place a pair of long leather gloves in my handbag for easy use.
It may seem a tad premature, but cool or cold air can induce dryness in your skin, making your hands appear rough and cracked.

Fortunately, Ines Gloves has so many beautiful leather gloves to choose from, making glove wearing fun instead of feeling like an obligation.


Rubber gloves are imperative when housecleaning.
Most cleaning products are damaging to the skin, even causing serious burns.
They may not look the greatest, but their use will ensure that your hands remain soft for a lifetime.

And after cleaning, wear hand-friendly lovely leather gloves to keep you and your hands smiling!

Smooth skin can also come from excellent and frequent hydration.
Current literature recommends drinking a minimum of 8 glasses of water daily... admittedly, I can't seem to find the desire to drink even one!
However, flavoured or carbonated water is a good alternative.
Does my morning coffee count???

Another option is to have a beverage close by throughout the day, just to encourage you to sip a bit more.
Grab that to-go mug of coffee with your newest pair of colourful short glace leather gloves and off you go to achieve hydration and softer skin!

Outer hydration is just as important (if not moreso) than inner hydration when it comes to keeping your hands soft.
Though we all tend to carry moisturiser with us each day and use it generously, it is important to limit the numerous of times you apply.
Your hands, like you, need a break every once in a while.
They become accustomed to the heavy quantities of moisturiser that you are providing them.
As a result, your hands will eventually stop protecting themselves.

Twice daily is the magic rule when it comes to moisturisers - once in the morning and then again in the evening before heading to bed.
As much as I would love to moisturise and then wear my favorite classic glace leather gloves while sleeping, wearing cotton gloves may be slightly more practical ;-)

Silky smooth, healthy, and luxurious...
Hot water is not good for your skin, as it has an overall drying effect, as it does on your favorite leather gloves. 
Just like leather gloves, hot water makes your dry skin crave additional moisture.

When you wash your hands, use warm water with soft, moisturising soap.
And when you notice that your leather gloves are not as soft and supple as they used to be, a leather conditioner can be applied to soften the hide.

When simple moisturising doesn't do the trick, cotton gloves can be used as a means of locking in moisture overnight, while you're sound asleep.

You will awaken with the softest, smoothest hands ever!


Leather gloves keep your hands looking beautiful during the day, while your cotton gloves take over at night.

True beauty, all day long!

The importance of sunscreen in protecting our skin from ultraviolet light is well-known.
However, I would be willing to bet that the majority of us do not apply it directly on to our hands (or we at least do it by happenstance).

As you undoubtedly know, sun has a very drying effect on the skin, which works against having soft hands!

If you would rather avoid the greasy, oily sensation of sunscreen on your hands, your alternative is easy!!

Try a pair of thin unlined leather gloves in a bright, sunny colour!

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