Wedding Gloves - a guide to the perfect bridal gloves.

Wedding Gloves - a guide to the perfect bridal gloves.
Let us help you with some useful advice when it comes to finding the
finishing touches to your look, to help make you stand out with your personal style and elegance.

Ines Gloves in Vogue Brides Magazine

The most special of your days, weddings are beautiful celebrations of love and a promise for the future.

And as we all know, a great wedding is made of all the details and choices that went into the preparation of your very special moment. 
Hours days and months spent choosing the right venue, the right music and, of course, the right dress!

Formal Bride Opera Wedding Gloves by Ines

Ines gloves vogue bride magazine

Ines gloves is regularly featured in VOGUE BRIDES magazine.

Glove style and length
A great wedding glove is meant to complement and complete your dress
with the perfect touch of unmistakable class and glamour. 
Wedding gloves can be produced with many fabrics.
Traditionally, kidskin leather are the most elegant, the most precious and desirable.
Ines has many styles and colors you can choose from, depending
on your personal taste and your choice of bridal outfit!

Wedding leather gloves short Ines

Let's begin then!
Let's start with Short Glacé Gloves: a simple yet perfect choice for many dress styles.
They are a great match with a dress featuring longer fitted sleeves, and they can be the perfect addition for a vintage dress,  or a short gown for your summer or spring wedding.

While white and cream are the most popular choices, we can't deny
our passion for strong contrasts, so simply choose your favourite colour
or the wedding's theme colour and you can't go wrong!
For something even more playful, little details it's what is all about. 

For a touch of the wonderful 1950s and 1960s glamour,
elbow-length leather gloves
are also a great choice.
They will add a softer, little retro look to your look, and you can style them to create a gentle crease on your wrists.

A bold and classy choice: Short glacé leather with a pearl element.
(soon available again in our collection).
Perfect in any combination.
Simple and striking!

Are you planning for a contemporary look, with a minimalistic taste?
Come see if our half scoop gloves are something for you.
A modern touch, and an elegant one as such, can be also provided by completing your bridal dress with  a pair of Modern Driving Gloves.
The perforated leather pattern is perfect for your spring or summer wedding.
We adore them for their simple yet impressive appearance.

Ines Leather bridal gloves for VOGUE MAGAZINE

Let's slowly increase the lenght of our gloves here:
Past elbow-length leather gloves
 will give even more elegance and femininity
to your wedding day look, especially if your dress comes with soft and middle length sleeves.

Ines Wedding Gloves white bride

For your winter wedding, Cashmere lined gloves will also look very dramatic when worn with a flowy, feminine wedding dress made from organza, charmeuse, or tulle. 

The first rule of any beautiful wedding is simple: 
So let us give you our own little personal contribution: 
Our opera long leather gloves, are a bit longer than the past elbow gloves, up to the shoulder, an absolute must for your cap sleeved or sleeveless bridal dress,
These gloves will stun and amaze your guests with their femininity, drama and elegance.
You simply can't go wrong.
Pick your favorite colour and add uniqueness to your dress!

Wedding gloves bride opera red

White is of course a great choice - but when it comes to elegance and boldness,
black is certainly a great choice, as Vera Wang showed us in her collection!

Wedding leather gloves opera black vera wang

Black leather gloves are extremely elegant, with a hint of sensuality.
They are slimming, and are perhaps best for highlighting the feminine contours of the hands and arms, especially when paired with your wedding dress.

What are you waiting for?
Invite Ines Gloves to your wedding, and help us celebrate with you this unique and beautiful day.

Be Elegant.


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