Delicious thin leather gloves, classics redefined by Ines. Handcrafted in very little quantities and available first to our list of clientele.
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  2. Let us know in which gloves you are interested in
  3. We’ll let you know if a space on the list of clientele becomes available
  4. Take up the space and gain access to the collection
  5. Enjoy!

The list of clientele

Our members enjoy:

  • Exclusive access to Ines' heritage
  • First introduction to new designs
  • Advice on your personal sizing
  • Limited editions
  • Secure Ines' gloves first to avoid potential stock-outs
  • Invite to visit our charming studio/atelier in Amsterdam
  • Bespoke service

  • Sensational gloves with ethics
  • Superior assistance
  • Complimentary worldwide shipping
  • Guaranteed satisfaction
  • Your love in preserving the art of traditional leather glove making and wearing
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Modern elegance

At Ines Gloves, we take a modern approach to traditional leather gloves making, and in glove wearing.

And it’s all driven by a simple mission:
the world needs a little more elegance, again.

To receive a pair of Ines' gloves, you must first join the list of clientele.

We used to produce a small collection of leather gloves available for anyone on a first come first served basis, but at some point we realised that this was not working for our most loyal customers - some of the people who loved our gloves from the start were sadly missing out on some styles, colors and sizes due to the small number of gloves we were crafting.

In order to make sure that anyone who enjoys our gloves can continue to enjoy them, we decided to start with the list of clientele.

This way of working allows us to maintain our commitment to small production runs, which are both sustainable and contributing to superior leather gloves.

Spaces on the list are very limited - we do this to ensure that our commitment to the leather and process quality is not compromised by growth.

Now we can focus on the customers we already have, and continue to remain true to practice the small production runs and methods that we've been developing over the years and - by being so tightly controlled to minimise waste.

Because of the limited availability, to receive a pair of Ines gloves, we would like you to first join our list of clientele.