Ines Gloves Size Guide


  1. Measure the circumference of your dominant hand just below your knuckles without the thumb.
  2. Select CM or INCHES and follow the measurements on our sizing chart.
Ines Gloves Sizing Guide


XS 16 6.3
S 17 6.7
M 18 7.1
L 19 7.5
XL 20 7.9
2XL 21 8.3
3XL 22 8.7
4XL 23 9.1
5XL 24 9.4




Things to know about leather glove sizing

  • The most important thing is the correct hand size.
    Once your hand fits in the rest will flow and follow.
  • Don't worry about the fit of the upper arm.
    Enjoy your gloves as they are, wear them up high or crunched down, be creative!
  • If you have a size in between choose the smaller size if you like a tight fit.

  • Unlined leather gloves will adjust to the shape of your arm and body temperature and will shrink or stretch a bit, like a second skin.

  • Ines designs with inclusivity in mind.
    That means all unlined and lined gloves are designed for "ladies".
    And because they are also available in extra large sizes, bigger people, like for example men, can also enjoy a tighter and more elegant fit on the hand, arm and fingers.
    Gloves for anybody.

  • The length of all our gloves is measured from the tip of the middle finger.

Need help?
Not sure about your size?
Want to buy a pair of gloves as a gift and don't know the sizing?
Ask Ines, she knows everything about gloves, sizing, leather and styling:

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