Anna Emilia Donnatella, grand daughter of Ines

Anna Emilia Donnatella, grand daughter of Ines

Today I was biking home after some - school starts tomorrow - shopping with my one and only daughter Anna.

I said to her: What shall I write about in my weekly anecdote?".
She said: "I would like to write something.."

So here we go:

Hello everyone!
Today I am going to talk about how it is to be the daughter of Bob the owner of Ines Gloves. 

First what's a bit annoying:
- He always tells people that i could be the boss of Ines Gloves when i grow up. But I am just 14 years old, so i don't know what i want yet.
- That was actually the only thing.

Now on to the fun things:
- I always think it's really cool when my dad tells me he sold gloves for famous people I know from social media, like Lady Gaga or Doutzen Kroes. Because when I see them, I can say that my grandmother and my father were once part of the their outfit.
- One thing my father always does when he has to work at the office, is that he makes sure he's home on time to bike with me to Korfball practice or to cook a nice dinner.
- He always let me play in my grandma's little office to draw dresses or help him pack gloves for customers. I loved to pack packages since I thought the boxes maybe were for the famous people. 
- There is just so much to tell you about my dad. So i'm just going to stop here.

I love you so much papa and I think you have made Ines Gloves a very nice company even without Grandma.

Anna Emilia Donnatella, grand daughter of Ines


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