The naughty button - Leather and gloves, fashion or fetish?

The naughty button - Leather and gloves, fashion or fetish?
We have never been or presented ourselves as a fetish brand.

But once you sell a product made from leather, you will find there's a hugh group of people who have this passion for all things leather and that feeling that connects them with their innerfire.

Could you make me a brah with your thin gloves leather?
We have got a lot of requests like these over the years.

Some of you know this already but next to gloves Ines also designed other things like clothing, pants, skirts, but also bags and jewelry.
All inspired and/or most of it made from gloves leather.
I'm surrounded by it right now sitting at the office studio.

And so around 2008, because Ines was an entrepreneur, we started a new brand called Dutch Leather Design.
In fact it was my project within the company.
We sold mini skirts, brah's, pants, capes, collars, bed covers, etc...

Long story short:
At some point it was hard to keep the production going.
And we decided to put Dutch Leather Design in the refrigerator.
We needed to focus on what we do best at the core and thats was and is crafting leather gloves.

I think it was around 2013, during a meeting with one of the most profound Dutch stylist/art director Maarten Spruyt, that we start thinking about getting it out of the fridge again..

He said:
"Fetish became fashion, and you guys should revamp DLD, those amazing pieces should get back on the streets again..".

We agreed and together with Maarten we blew some new life into DLD.

In the beginning the DLD designs were presented next to the gloves on the Ines website.
But this time we decided to take both brands apart having their own websites.

Somewhere on the Ines Gloves collection page you could find a button that when you clicked on it you would be redirected to the Dutch Leather Design website. 

I named it "the naughty button"

And, no...
If you click on the button nothing will happen...
We did not revamp DLD again..
I swear..
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