Maniac leather glove lovers

Maniac leather glove lovers

Maniac Ines Gloves members log in here.

Some of you already know or noticed that Ines' gloves are not available anymore to the public.

You need to be or become a member of Ines to be able to purchase.

It has been one of the biggest decisions for me about Ines Gloves so far.

There are a few considerations but the most important one is:
We have to craft our gloves in very small production runs and because of the limited availability, we first provide Ines’ gloves to our most loyal and the most maniac glove lovers, our members.

A membership includes:

  • Exclusive access to the collection
  • First access to new designs
  • Consult about your personal sizing
  • Limited editions
  • Secure Ines gloves first to avoid potential stock-outs
  • Invite to visit our studio in Amsterdam
  • Bespoke service
  • More...

If you are one of the most maniac leather glove lover and are seriously interested in purchasing, you can apply here

Bob, raised between gloves as the son of Ines
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