Gloves with character made of dog leather

Gloves with character made of dog leather
Often we get the following question:
Do you make gloves from other material than leather?
The answer is no.
And also not using elephant, dog or cat skins.

We are specialized in thin unlined nappa leather, kidskin of a goat and lambskin of a sheep.
In fact we also use leather from an exclusive sheep/goat crossbreed I talked about before.

And this kind of leather is still unmatched by any other material.
Depending on the final result its possibilities and characteristics we choose the material.

Ok we also have a few lined with cashmere, but our main focus remains unlined leather from very short up to to extreme long designs.

Its fine full-grain, soft and strong leather with character.
And then I don't mean the character of a creature like a dog, but the small imperfections or the natural markings of the animal maintaining its character.

Ines' leather is vegetable tanned, hand-dyed, hand stretched, table cut and handsewn in Italy.

When leather is from China it might be made of dog or cat skin.
Well a few years ago this was reality for sure.

Last week I had a visit from the 2 beautiful ladies from C'est Jeanne, another glovemaker from the Netherlands, but she specializes in gloves made from different fabrics like lycra, velvet and lace.
But not of leather (not yet..)

It was so nice to catch up and talk about our gloves.
It made me remind me of how Ines and I started together also as a family business.
If you need handcrafted gloves made from fabric I would highly recommend C'est Jeanne.

If you need thin leather gloves you come to me.

Greetings (also from my dog Toto, we had a nice day on the beach),

Bob, raised between gloves as the son of Ines
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