The art of leather glove making has been lost

The art of leather glove making has been lost
I had a nice chat with a long-term customer (thanks Duncan!) of Ines and we had some interesting thoughts and insights:

"Gone are the days of a fine quality leather glove, paper thin and strong that can heat the hand or cool on a warm day. Not the elephant hide of modern gloves. Sadly, I believe the art of glove making has been lost this millennia." 

We both agreed on this:

"A sad reflection of our times is convenience trumps sophistication, and too many aspects of our life follow a similar formula."

"Things have changed compared to the glory glove days of the early to mid twentieth century."

Ines has a private collection of these paper thin strong gloves, see the picture.
And I was/am always fascinated why its so difficult to reproduce these days..
Most of our leather thickness is around 0.016" (0.3 - 0.4mm).
Also very thin but back then it was even thinner.

Paper thin leather gloves like that are not available anymore.
Next to a different approach to glovemaking its also a case of supply and demand of course.

Example: a friend of mine, one of the glovers of Gucci doesnt even make unlined gloves anymore, because lined with silk is more convenient to take on and off and that is what, most, people want.

Let's make it another mission for Ines Gloves to bring back that paper thin kind a glove!
Yes, we are working on this!

Does it matter what material a glove is made of and its thickness?
Well, gloves will always add an elegant finishing touch to your outfit.
But they sure knew back then what was the ultimate glove..

Have a look at the classic leather gloves, redefined by Ines.

Let me know your thoughts and ideas about thin unlined gloves..

Bob, son of Ines

Dedicated to make your life a little more elegant..
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