Better short leather gloves and sausages

Better short leather gloves and sausages

Here in the Netherlands there is a brand called "Brandt & Levie" and they make different kind of delicious sausages made from the best local meat they can find.

As demand is growing so is the company and that means more meat, thus more animals to be killed.

They are on a mission to eat less but better meat.
And because meat production costs has grown significantly they decided to keep the prices for the sausages the same but make them smaller.

A recent statement:

"Meat is becoming more expensive and we think that is good news. The Netherlands has become accustomed to low meat prices.
A result of subsidies and the gigantic scale of the meat industry.

In recent months, European demand for organic meat has exploded. That is good news because it means that 
more farmers will switch to organic and that there is a trend towards better meat.

The higher demand for organic meat also means that purchasing the meat we use for our sausage has become considerably more expensive.
An increase of more than 35% in certain parts.

Our sausage, on the other hand, is not becoming more expensive. We have decided that within our mission “less and better meat” it makes sense to make our sausages smaller."

We like the way of how they are dealing with a natural product also made from an animal.

Years ago we already saw signs that the market and production was changing into something we think is not what Ines is about.

We set course with our transition to a new state of company. And there was only one way and inevitable to us.

Here at Ines we decided to only produce in low quantities and raise up the prices so we can keep on focusing and crafting our leather gloves without any compromise on any aspect of ethics, sourcing, producing, crafting and service.

This means we sell way less leather gloves, instead of making them shorter...

Read more about the journey of the glove.

Or watch Kim showing you how to wear and take care of your leather gloves.

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