Naked without gloves

Naked without gloves

There were times that during Fashion Week, our gloves were being used by multiple designers at the same time to complete the outfits.

Ines and I would go from one show to another catwalk and indulge ourselves in fashion, networking, champagne and sometimes backstage assisting the stylists and models in how taking on and off those thin leather gloves.

At some point we were planning on having our own show. We needed a sponsor, turns out that Porsche fits like a glove.
However after several meetings sharing thoughts and ideas we never came to an agreement or collaboration.

It was here when Ines got an idea on how to present our gloves on a catwalk.

Naked models only wearing leather gloves.
Not to provoke, well maybe a little, but to enhance the importance of wearing gloves and to illustrate the effect of gloves with style and grace.

A difficult task if you ask me. But done right it could work.

And this brings me to the everlasting thought/question:

What are gloves, clothing or accessories?

Clothing- an item worn on the body.

Accessory- a thing which can be added to something else in order to make it more useful, versatile, or attractive.

Last century- jewelry, handbags, shoes, sunglasses, sunshades and even pets, became a variety of fashion items that stands for sophistication of fashion and as a paradox, the democratisation of haute couture. Because these items are less expensive but much more profitable than the actual clothing.

Even though most big fashion brands sell gloves doesn't mean they are specialised in it..

Gloves have not always been en vogue, but do are always fashionable.

I am happy to see that nowadays gloves are way more present again in the fashion landscape.
But if you look at red carpet reviews in the media, its all about the dress, the cloths, but almost never about the gloves or accessories. They won't even mention it in the credits.

Last week stylist Constant de Boer and his lovely assistant Fleur, (they also participated on the Doutzen Kroes, Jacky Kennedy shoot a few years ago), came visit our studio to select some items to shoot the accessories edition for Vogue in Paris.

We talked about gloves and accessories...
And so I asked him what he thinks gloves are..

His answer: an accessory.
Just like, for example, a hat can be, just like a glove, the finishing touch. Without them the look, the image is incomplete. Without wearing clothing, there would be nakedness.

An accessory must have its own personality, appropriate for every face and every kind of person.

I call them sparkles of elegant attire!

How do you call them?

Greetings from beautiful Amsterdam,


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