Selling leather gloves is a strange thing

Selling leather gloves is a strange thing

Selling leather gloves is a strange thing.

At one point our gloves were being sold at different small boutiques around the world and at the 'departed' chic Maison de Bonneterie, a high-end fashion department store, situated in a Parisian style building set around a top lit dome, here in Amsterdam around the corner of our charming studio.

After a few attempts, the only gloves that were being sold there were the short fingerless driving gloves, dozens of them hanging on display together in lots of vibrant happy colors that looked very desirable.

But not the long gloves.
It appeared to be difficult to sell thin long leather gloves in a brick-and-mortar store.

You need dedication, knowledge and patience in selling long leather gloves and that was far-to-find in most stores we worked with.

The store was closed on August 24, 2014.
The company did not file for bankruptcy, but stated that it was no longer economically responsible to continue operations due to the "recession that has lasted too long."
With other words, the market and, times are changing and so are sophisticated people.

It made us think about how we wanted to continue.

It took a lot of our time and we also didn't want to comply anymore to the ridiculous conditions some stores used.

Ines and I decided to stop and focus on our main online sales channel.
Thats how we started out in the first place.

We still don't have plans to restart selling in brick and mortar stores..

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