Born with a playful mind - Gloves, leather and emotions

Born with a playful mind - Gloves, leather and emotions
I just read a book from Dutch professor Rob Martens about the importance of intrinsic motivation and its connection with playful activities for children, students and adults.

A playful mind comes naturally, we are born with it.
While playing we learn and grow as a human being.

As a kid it was easy to enter the playful mind.
When we grow older its much more difficult for us to enter this mental state, but I think its so important for adults to keep on playing too.

To play and feel free and to be in charge of your own self is very similar to that what we call “intrinsic motivation,” the doing of an activity for its inherent satisfaction, its pretty much the same thing.

Playfulness is a mental state that you voluntarily surrender to.
In this state you will explore, discover, but also to make it difficult for yourself.
Precisely because you feel that security that it is not real, that you can step out, you will make it difficult for yourself.

You can't see something like that directly, because that feeling is in someone's head.
But someone who wears beautiful gloves has an elegant appearance.
Others will recognize this, interact or not.

Ines' leather gloves designs are playful too!
You want to know how it feels to wear Ines gloves as your second skin?

You could keep thinking about it, longing for or fantasizing about the feeling of owning and wearing a pair of thin unlined buttery soft looong leather gloves and thats a great way to play.

You could also purchase them and experience Ines' leather gloves in real life.
Its up to you.

Let your fantasies come to life.

But keep on playing, always.

Let Ines be your toy.

Have a look at these very playful leather gloves, according to Ines herself.
Wear them loose wear them tight but remember to always be elegant.

Greetings from sunny Amsterdam,

Bob (son of Ines)

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