Angry about Lady Gaga's Poker Face leather gloves

Angry about Lady Gaga's Poker Face leather gloves

As you may already know, Lady Gaga is wearing Ines' half scoop gloves in her 2008 music video "Poker Face".

For us, one of many highlights in Ines history.
And a special one because we share similar ideas about freedom and human rights, so that everyone can be themselves.

Just like Lady Gaga, Ines was also considered as a 'gay icon'.
Someone who understands.
More on this another time..

We still get a lot of requests from stylists and fashion directors who are looking for specific items for use in a fashion, video or photo production.

But in this case we did not got a request for the Poker Face production.
Ines told me that Lady Gaga used to buy our gloves before she got famous.

At that time Ines was always looking for new, simple and smart designs in different styles.
The starting point of a new design always begins with the glacé glove, an unlined glove made of fine buttery soft shiny leather in a wrist length simple style.

One of her smart ideas was to add a piece of elastic fabric at the end of the hem of a pair of long gloves, so it would fit larger biceps as well..
Maybe you still remember and want them to return in the collection?

The longest gloves in our collection also has the glacé design as a base.

With designing (as we call it from then on) the "Lady Gaga" gloves, Ines wanted to emphasize the elegance of the wrist even more.
So she came up with the idea to cut off as much leather as possible to show off the wrist and hand without losing fit and beauty.
The half gloves were born.

Around 2 years ago we sold the last pairs of the 'old design' half scoop gloves.
For a few months they were out of stock and I can remember that some of you begged to bring them back.
Some of you were even angry about it, really..

So last year we reintroduced the half scoop gloves with a redefined design.
Immediately we sold half of the stock.

Today we still have a few pairs available.
Make them yours now.

Oh and maybe you noticed that the half scoop gloves in the Poker Face video also have knuckle holes.
Let me know if you want us to bring back the half scoop driving gloves too?

Greetings from sunny Amsterdam,

Bob (son of Ines)

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