Only for open-minded fortunate leather glove lovers

Only for open-minded fortunate leather glove lovers
Thanks for all your replies, comments and ideas!
Now we are going to have a closer look at all those hundreds of reactions.
Its really promising that so may of you are so enthusiastic about this new community built around gloves and elegance!
Makes me and a lot of people happy!

I can already say that theres one thing that really stands out of all your feedback and thats something that was also very very important to Ines:

be who you are!

"What I hope is that everyone looks out for each other and respect for everyone's individuality. Support each other when really in need. And keep in touch with each other.
Don't judge. That's how I've always lived my life. Treat another as you would like to be treated.
Maybe a bit naive. But I've always tried to be a good example."

This is what Ines Gloves is about and I believe this sits at the core value of the new community we are working on.

A place for open-minded people.

When we started with Ines Gloves the collection then mainly consisted of short women's gloves in small sizes.
Soon we got lots of requests for larger sizes from enthusiasts who also wanted to wear the unlined long leather gloves made from this special thin gloves kidskin leather.

So we did and the rest is history..


There's a lot going on right now, the world is changing and now its so important to stay true to yourself, your loved ones and the things you love!

Greetings from 'spring has started' sunny Amsterdam,

Bob (son of Ines)

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