Leather gloves are of importance

Leather gloves are of importance
Gloves have been of most importance for a lot of people.

From the early days of civilisation to the elegance of the 50's, from kings to Hollywood stars and modern day entertainers, actors, glovers and lovers.

Now that I take a closer look at how Ines communicated with her dear beloved customers and followers, I can see that she had a lot of warm connections with different people from all over the world.

Maybe also with you!?

And of course the connection is about life and leather gloves.

But theres so much more behind wearing gloves.

Its something that she understood very well.

She helped you with choosing the right fit or type of gloves for an event.

She gave confidence to men wanting to wear long gloves but felt insecure about it.

She gave advice to brides-to-be on which gloves to wear with the wedding dress.

She was non-judgemental.
Ines could comfort you and make you feel special.
Someone who listens, understands and was there for you.

I know some of you miss Ines.

It was her wish to create a place where people with the same passion about elegance and gloves could connect with each other.

A lot of you have requested this and finally after an interesting process, we are almost ready to introduce to you a platform about leather gloves.

A place where you can interact, meet other gloves enthusiasts, share your stories, outfits, tips, styles and everything love for the glove.

I cannot replace Ines but I can make sure we, enthusiasts alike, can keep on enjoying her legacy and keep on connecting.

Please let us know your thoughts, take part and help us by answering 4 short questions:

Yes I'm interested

Thanks and greetings from 'spring has not yet started' Amsterdam,

Bob (son of Ines)

Please share/forward this to someone you think will like this too.
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