"My first glove design? I just cut off the fingers."

"My first glove design? I just cut off the fingers."
At this moment I'm sitting behind my desk that used to be the one of Ines.
The drawers are full of things glove related and in one of them I found a collection of fingerless gloves worn by Ines herself over the years.

She loved wearing fingerless, because the fingers are still free to type or to get an M&M out of a cup..

Ines was smart and quirky, just like her designs and solutions.
Long before touchscreen leather exists, she designed gloves with small covered notches at the finger tips, so you could get your fingers out without removing the glove.

On the image below you can also see the black glossy gloves, the same as her first design, and also the last gloves Ines used to wear.

And this reminded me of one of her quotes that she always replied when being asked about her first design and also plays an important part in Ines history:

"My first design? I just cut off the fingers."

To this day we still sell her first design, but over the years we enhanced the fit and shape.

Greetings from cloudy but cosy Amsterdam,

Bob, son of Ines

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