Gloves be the woman a man needs

Gloves be the woman a man needs
I get a lot of questions about who Ines really was.
Sure she was quirky, smart, a little naughty if you will, but always elegant.
And.. a little bit mysterious...

Some think or want to believe that Ines is the lady on most of the images on our website.
That's not Ines, it is the lovely and special model and friend Kim Kiona.

She really embellishes all that Ines stands for, don't you think?

Embellish, what a beautiful word that is related to the French word for "beautiful".
Traditionally it has been used to imply beautifying an object with the addition of unimportant things...

But like how Kim embellishes Ines, thin unlined leather gloves will embellish you!

An interesting quote by Kim:
"Be the woman the man needs, not a woman that needs a man."

Oh and yes, the male model that's me,..
Kim and I did some shoots together, you can see there was some chemistry going on..

Ines thought that maybe we could get together..
But that never happened..

I want to thank you for supporting Ines' legacy.
And to keep the art of the craft of thin leather glove making alive!
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