The visceral intangible aspect about leather gloves

The visceral intangible aspect about leather gloves
Our head office/studio is, already for over 30 years, located right in the middle of the oldest part of the city centre of Amsterdam, exactly where the red light district begins.

Some find that a bit too exciting and some find it very inspiring and interesting and are attracted to it, just like Ines.

Its a beautiful monumental building with high ceilings, ornaments, the famous steep stairs, however ours is very high but not that steep its a bit wider than average with a special curved wooden carved railing.

Dating back to the 13th century and one of the biggest of the street/canal the current building dates back to 1879 and is built in Neo-Renaissance style.
There used to be a gin distillery settled in the building and the first Chinese restaurant in the Netherlands were our neighbours. 

Some people still think dead corpses are floating in the canals and condoms lying everywhere, but those times have passed us fortunately.

Now it has become one of the most expensive and vibrant neighbourhoods in the Netherlands and rich in history.
Lots of things happened and are happening and that attracts a lot of different activities, people and tourists. 

The Red Light District is not only the most talked about neighbourhood in Amsterdam, because of all the beautiful canal houses, but also because it is home to the world's oldest profession: prostitution.

Although this happens all over the world, mostly behind closed doors, but not in Amsterdam!
Here you will find prostitutes who offer their 'services' behind a window.

The neighbourhood is known for its many sex shows, sex shops, brothels and strip clubs.
It used to be a notorious and unsafe neighbourhood in Amsterdam, but a lot has changed in recent years.
Because the mix of window prostitution and tourism, this attracts criminal activity and creates nuisance as well.

For over years local authorities and citizens are trying to bring back or maintain this cosy beautiful and safe environment for all.
And many things have certainly improved.

One of the plans was to close down most of the windows.
But what should be there instead?
And so the idea arose to give small fashion companies and designers a window where they could show off their creations.

We found that a brilliant idea.
Also because the area became much more of a small fashion district where new up and coming designers and initiatives happen.

Ines herself was always attracted to this vibrant, inclusive and open society of Amsterdam and in particular the oldest part of Amsterdam, not only of its beauty but also the tension between class and status and the lets say the extraordinary.

Who knew back then when Ines decided that we as a family moved to this area where years later, history, status, beauty and fashion merged with erotica.

And thats also true for some of you.
About how you experience your Ines leather gloves.

We can all agree that there is this visceral intangible aspect about leather gloves that make you feel classy, aroused, confident, powerful and/or beautiful.

Greetings from cosy Amsterdam,
Bob, son of Ines
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