Make art not money! Second hand gloves, second skin leather

Make art not money! Second hand gloves, second skin leather
Today I went to the local flea market here in Amsterdam.
Its the biggest and most unique flea market in Europe.

Located in and around a hugh industrial warehouse next to artists ateliers and galleries.
Its a great inspiring atmosphere to rummage around to find something special.

Here you can find different products like antiquities, jewellery, books, home furnishings and a looot of second hand clothing.
You need to be there early to get your hands on the good stuff, unfortunately we were a bit late to the party today.

Of course I was very interested in finding some gloves.
I only found one pair of leather driving gloves with a crocheted upper, but not nice enough to add to my collection.
Not that i'm a big collector of gloves, but I do own a nice collection with different models gathered over the years.
(The fingerless peccary driving gloves are my favorite if you would like to know..)
This of course is also one of the perks working at Ines Gloves!

There are a lot of people interested in wearing second hand leather gloves for various reasons.
Some just cannot afford new and some get aroused by wearing them..

Second hand leather gloves can be a second skin for somebody else too.
Its really great that we are moving towards a more sustainable and circular world!

One of the most important features of Ines' unlined leather gloves is that the leather is so thin you really need to take the time to put them on especially the first time.
Your body will warm up the leather so it adjusts to your shape and will take on the function of a second skin.

This is already an experience on its own, just like taking them off..
Some people don't care and just want the gloves to fit asap and for others its an indulging moment that needs to last a century..

Just like when you buy lingerie, we cannot accept returns when the gloves have been tried on, the shape of the gloves already started to adjust to the body, and also because of hygiene, we cannot sell them as new anymore.

We loan out a lot of gloves for photoshoots and over time we have grown a hugh collection of second hand gloves.

Very soon we will launch a new and exciting private membership club.
And by popular demand, part of the open-minded platform, dedicated to everything gloves, there will also be a section all about second hand gloves.
Here you can get in touch with others to offer and exchange worn gloves.

For now keep on dreaming or just buy, own and experience the perfect pair of brand new fresh leather gloves now.

Greetings from sunny Amsterdam,

Bob (son of Ines)

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