"I want to eat all of your gloves!"

"I want to eat all of your gloves!"
We just returned from our trip to Andalusia in the south of Spain.
The best food we had was simple, perfectly cooked and locally caught fresh fish.

By chance we found this little restaurant secluded right at the end of a little bay.
We were hungry and the setting was amazing.
I guess you have to take it as it comes..

Palm trees slowly waving in front of a backdrop of a stunning mountain scenery, slowly covered in time by a silver golden color pallet.
Bare feet in the sand.
A beautiful purple pink sunset.
The sound of little waves tickling the seashore.

This dinner was the highlight of our holiday.
And for this experience to become so special a few important things need to be present so everything aligns and falls into place:

We were already hungry.
An open-mind.
The discovery of something new.
All the time in the world.
The best ingredients.
Simplicity of the dish.
Experience and expertise of the chef and fisherman.
And of course great company to share this experience with.

It was a complete feast of the senses.

The chef told me that every day he buys freshly caught fish right from a fisherman at the local market.
He exactly knows whats in season and knows how to prepare the best fish.

Dinner was simple, grilled pure fish.
Only some fresh garlic, extra virgin olive oil, wild lemon juice, sea salt and black pepper as the finishing touch.

This reminds me of one of Ines' quotes (she's got many as you can read on the website..):

“The unlined glove is the essence of well-designed, elegant hand-wear: simple.
Yet it is this very simplicity that hides an incredible complexity.”

To fully experience the sensation of your second skin a few ingredients are essential.
Some of them we can provide but its up to you to put your dream into effect.

Lets finish it off with this quote a dear customer of us recently sent to us.
It really sums it all up:

"I want to eat all of your gloves."

Greetings from springtime Amsterdam,

Bob (son of Ines)

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