The king of sheep, leather and gloves, popping up out of nowhere..

The king of sheep, leather and gloves, popping up out of nowhere..
As I'm writing this, I am overlooking the Mediterranean sea.
There on the other side lies the mighty continent, Africa!

Am I going to source some new skins in Ethiopia?
No, not this time, I'm on holiday with my now teenager daughter Anna.

I used to have family reside in Morocco.
During my many travels, also with Anna, through the country, there's this phenomenon that if you been there you will recognize this:

Deep down in the desolate country side, driving for hours through no man's land, totally convinced you are all alone and decide to stop to take a leek, or just enjoy the silence of nature.

Then suddenly there's this roaming shepherd popping up out of nowhere..
Coming to investigate who are these intruders of my domain..

I have seen so many flocks of sheep graze in the wild over there, that I seriously investigated the opportunities of starting our own sustainable farm in Morocco.
To be continued..

Me and my daughter have been traveling together a lot and now we are in Spain.
Staying at this incredibly nice apartment of a very good friend.
Visiting the cities of Malaga, Granada and the majestic mountains of Sierra Nevada.

Now we are enjoying nice weather, good company, fantastic food and quality wines.
Discovering new and surrounded by beautiful things, isn't that what life's all about..

A few years ago I asked Ines, what would be the ultimate leather glove?
A glove that would satisfy the most enthusiastic glove lover..

Her answer:
"That would be a simple perfectly fitting glove, minimalistic and as looong as possible made out of thin, soft, strong fine grained leather.
Crafted out of one piece of hide, so no seams at the wrist and minimal stitching.
It should be the ultimate experience, to indulge all your senses."

My reply:
"Ok, lets find these skins and create the ultimate longest leather gloves, no compromizes!"

We acquire leather of uncompromising quality from different places in the world, depending on the characteristics and different styles of the glove designs.

And for skins to be this long we use the finest kidskin leather from an exclusive sheep/goat crossbreed from the wildlands of Ethiopia.

In a few weeks Valerio and I will visit Italy again where together with our specialists tannery and glovemakers we will select and craft some new exclusive looong leather gloves.

Greetings from beautiful and blazingly hot Spain,

Bob (son of Ines)

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