Will we keep on wearing leather gloves in the future?

Will we keep on wearing leather gloves in the future?
"Made in Italy" used to be associated with fashion, elegance, glamor, and style.
Recent research found that this has changed and the main associations are now pizza, pasta, the movie “Made in Italy”,...

This makes me think about where this world is going to..
Is everybody going to look the same way, are we grey mouse acting like sheep copying each other?
Is this a sign that society is moving towards a grey, dull mass extinction?

Of course I'm not this morbid!
But yes we need more fashion, glamour, style and elegance in the world.
Elegance is all around us, but sometimes you need to take a closer look.

In the transition towards a circular more sustainable world, diversity is of utmost importance.
Its ok to wear long leather gloves as a man.
Its looks great when you wear hot pink opera gloves nonchalant crunched down on your white wedding gown.
Be yourself and dress the way you like.
Stand out from the crowd.
Make this world a beautiful place.

Ines' values
  • Made with exceptional craftsmanship and traditional knowledge
  • Ethically sourced and produced
  • Natural leather, by-product of food industry or subsistence hunting 
  • Classic elegance with a modern twist
  • Small production runs, no waste
  • No seasonal collections
  • Available in extra large sizes for every person and shape

Elegance is about respect and decency and the essence lies in the personality, style and flair of every individual.
Times are changing and if you want to keep on eating meat, buy it locally at a natural butcher, not at the supermarket.
If you want to keep on wearing leather, only buy the best you can find crafted by the best glovers in the world.

And Ines' gloves? Yes handcrafted in Italy!

Have a look at our Spring and Summer selection:
Short, thin and fingerless leather gloves

Let's bring back elegance and make this world a little more beautiful.

Bob (son of Ines)

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