Too hot to wear leather gloves in summer?

Too hot to wear leather gloves in summer?
One of the last emails Ines wrote to me was a short message with some notes for an article she was writing about reasons why to wear leather gloves.
Here's the exact copy of it:


6 reasons to wear leather gloves
and why you should wear gloves in the summer

1.0 fashion elegancy respect 
It is so nice to choose color and length of the gloves to match your dress or coat
Winter or summer? no matter the season, Fashion doesnt care and gloves will always add an elegant touch to formal and casual attire

2.0 hygiene
   it’s all about the viruses and the bacteria for hundreds of years.
That was the reason les Parisien always wore gloves in the metro/ subway
Corona showed us how important this is. 

3.0 care for softer hands.
First small amount creme. Put the gloves on.
Your hands tell your true age. Put some moisturising creme on your hands put on your gloves while sleeping. Wake up with super soft hands.

4.0 for grip when driving or riding a bicycle.

5.0 to protect from bruising and scratching

6.0 be proud, be elegant, have fun


Its so nice to read these things Ines was thinking about.
Makes me think about her and the way she thinks, dresses, and acts.
Quirky but likable and in an endearing way.

She always said to stay true to yourself and enjoy the things you really like, even if they're not well understood.
Embrace the things that make you different and be creative.

I feel a bit sad now, but also a lot of happiness that I can keep on continuing her legacy.

Summertime is here and today it was hot in the Netherlands, 34 degrees.
Is it too hot to wear gloves?
By the way: some gloves always look hot even when its cold outside.

Are there still people wearing leather gloves in the summer when its hot outside?
(But not in Holland. Most Dutch people are not that fashionable.. and also not in South-Africa I have heard ;-))

Some people ask me if we still sell leather gloves in summertime.
Of course but not as much as in fall or winter.

The top 3 most sold Ines gloves at this moment are:
  1. The half Scoop gloves

  2. The elegant long leather gloves

  3. And the short glacé gloves

So don't hesitate, if you want to wear gloves!
And this reminds me of one of her famous quotes:

"What is the right occasion to wear leather gloves? Always, always wear gloves."

Have a look at our leather gloves to wear in summer.

Bob (son of Ines)

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