James Bond died, leather gloves are forever

James Bond died, leather gloves are forever
Yesterday evening I watched the James Bond movie "Diamonds are forever".

I love the whole atmosphere of those Bond movies and always felt resemblance between Bond and the elegance about wearing luxurious leather gloves.

Beautiful people, stunning sceneries, danger, adventure, seduction, style, appearance, confidence, dark, sexy, relentless.. 

Some scenes were shot on the canals of Amsterdam and the Amstel river right in between my house and our head office.
Everyday I pass by the Magere Brug (skinny bridge) walking towards my office.

Don't know if Bond wore a lot of gloves, but when he does he's probably abseiling from a cliff or hand a gun to shoot some villain here and there, here and there..

I do remember a story that Bond was wearing gloves during a scene he was not supposed to.
They found out after while editing, that the gun could not be fired wearing gloves, because of the fingerprint scanner.

Production needed to make a decision of re-shooting the million dollar scene or digitally paint in Bond's hands in post-production.
Have a look at Skyfall and see if you recognise the podgy retouched hands.

Back when I was an art student I lived in the alley where a few scenes from Ocean's Twelve were shot.

From my rooftop apartment I could see Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and George Clooney walking right below my window into coffeshop "De Dampkring".
It made me exciting about working in the film industry.

Next to assisting my mother in the Ines Gloves company I have been on many film sets working as a photographer and location manager.

Years ago we were shooting some scenes for a movie (cannot remember the title) with Alec Baldwin on the roof of a canal house.

It was quite stressful because we did not have a permit to use (fake) guns.
During the shooting scenes people on the streets were looking up like what the hell is going on..

I cannot remember the name of the movie and its impossible to Google it, when the search results are all about his latest incident filming the Rust movie...

We have created our imagery for Ines Gloves on various locations throughout Europe.
Its part of the fun, excitement and privilege to work for the company.
Our favorite locations are in Amsterdam and Florence, Italia.

We love the feeling of uniqueness the buzz of history, art and style.
We get inspired by it and hope we can pass it through in our content.

The image that is currently on our homepage was shot at my next door restaurant Lempicka nearby the notorious 5 star Amstel Hotel at the Amstel river.

Have a look at how Kim is feeling inside and wearing the Classic Long Opera Leather Gloves her way or come visit when your in the neighbourhood.

Bob (son of Ines)

Dedicated to keep on bringing you the most elegant leather gloves.
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