The longest leather crown jewel gloves by Ines

The longest leather crown jewel gloves by Ines
Let me explain you a bit more about our on top of the range design the Ines Signature Long Leather Gloves.
The longest possible long leather gloves crafted out of one piece of hide.

According to connoisseurs the crown jewel of leather gloves.

What do we mean with crafted out of one piece?
One of the elements is sourcing the best and appropriate type of leather.
This thin and ultimate high-end leather allow us to keep the stitching to a minimum so no seam at the wrist or stitching and glue at the cuff.
The result is a glove of a unparalleled elegant fit and worth. 

Why is it the longest possible glove?
The most luxurious kind of gloves leather should be supple, thin, soft and strong, fine-grained and have a good amount of stretch.
The highest reachable quality we get from the hair sheep/goat crossbreed from the wildlands of Ethiopia.
This animal is slightly larger so we can acquire larger skins.
Because they live in the wild, there could be little scratches from thorns.
Leather is a natural product, small imperfections are part of the beauty.

In essence its a glove designed for the lady but we extended the sizing so now also available in extra large sizing suitable for men that appreciate the elegance too!
Some wear them up shoulder and others wear them crunched down.
That's up to you..

The feedback we get is that its an experience to be the owner of so much leather.
But for most people the experience already starts by looking at and dreaming of these sensational leather gloves.

Oh, and we added a new video.
So now you can see them move too!

Come and start dreaming.

Bob (son of Ines)

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