Can't find the gloves or colours you are looking for?

Can't find the gloves or colours you are looking for?

At Ines Gloves we never believed in mass production: we believe instead that leather is a very precious thing that deserves respect and care at every single stage. We care about avoiding any possible waste and make ethical business choices, which start with how we source the leather and interpret our idea of elegance: not simply a way to dress, but a way to be.

Exclusivity, as we imagine it, does not necessarily have  to do with a price you pay for something you desire, but rather in its availability. Avoiding large production allows us to avoid waste of precious leather, and we believe that this is the ethical choice to do... the elegant choice! 

If you love Ines Gloves then, you must understand and appreciate that your favourite model may not be available in the right size or color all the time. And sometimes, it may take a while...

Since we don't want to compromise our quality, sometimes we may decide to discontinue a product completely if we feel that the the right type of leather is not available on the market.

Our Gloves Bolero has become an icon in the past years. It's been copied by many but never matched. We have discontinued this model for a few months. But fear not, we are working on a brand new leather gloves bolero.

We all love stretch gloves. We will offer them again in the future, but you will still need to be a little patient. This type of leather is available at many tanneries, but it's not quite right in its quality. We have always taken pride in the beauty of these special gloves, and we will not compromise. They will be back when the time is right.

Finally, one word about colours: while black, brown and red are generally available at all times, we try and produce gloves out of special and vibrant colours that we find on the market: this avoids once more any type of waste and it's part of our ethical choices. But it also means that sometimes many colours may be out of stock in some sizes. 

Now you know - owning a pair of Ines Gloves is truly exclusive!

We will keep updating you through our newsletter about what comes available.
Thanks for your love and your loyalty!





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